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The Guns Classifieds Network started nearly 10 years ago with a single classifieds website called “Guns Alaska Classifieds”.

At the time, the only local option was run by an owner that treated users horribly. He yelled, cussed, and belittled users in a way that we had never seen before and frankly, it was shocking. However, people still used his website because it was the only option.

Alaska was in dire need of a brand new platform run by staff that truly cares and treats people like family.

Bryan Earl, the owner and creator of the Guns Classifieds Network, is a career Web Designer and lifelong firearms enthusiast. He decided that enough was enough and began the process of creating Guns Alaska Classifieds, with the user in mind.

Guns Alaska took off and quickly became one of the most popular classifieds in the state. It has grown ever since and holds a special place in the heart as the first site that spawned a revolution in local firearms classifieds.

Years later, when Bryan moved to Prescott, Arizona with his family, he quickly realized that Arizona was also severely lacking a good, local outdoors classifieds. Therefore, after some hard work and planning, Guns Arizona Classifieds was born and has since taken over as our Flagship site.

After the immediate success of Guns Arizona Classifieds, it was apparent that the whole country wanted high-quality local classifieds for every state. We have been working constantly since then to build out platforms state-by-state.

It’s a very long and arduous process to build, market, and maintain each of these websites. The undertaking of a project to this scale is a massive labor of love.

We are constantly expanding the network with the end-goal of having a local classifieds in each and every state. While we still have some growing to do before covering all 50 states, we are well on our way!

Who’s behind the Network?

Creator of the Guns Classifieds Network
Bryan Earl (Creator, Owner)

In addition to being a lifelong 2A supporter, I have spent most of my working career wearing a great number of different hats. When people ask me “What do you do for a living?” I always found it difficult to answer that question.

At one point, I was an IT Manager for a multi-billion dollar corporation and at night I was designing a new ecommerce web store for a local small business. When the weekend rolled around I was recording and mastering a metal band’s music before tearing down a race car to rebuild it again from the ground up. That is just a small sample of the projects I take on and how I spend my time.

How the Classifieds Work

The basics of how each classifieds website functions

Each classifieds site is essentially an easy-to-use platform allowing users to buy / sell / trade items locally. Buyers do not need to register in order to browse the listings or contact the sellers. However, in order to list an item, you must first register for a fast, free account.

All items listed on the network are being sold by individual private users and/or licensed dealers. Therefore, if someone is interested in an item, they contact the seller directly to work out the transaction. In other words, WE DO NOT SELL ANYTHING DIRECTLY, AND TAKE NO PART IN ANY TRANSACTIONS.

After a user registers for an account, they receive an email containing a link to activate their account. After activating the new account, the user can then log in and post items for sale. There is no charge to post items.

When posting an item for sale, the user selects an item type, category, provides a title, description, price, and images of the item, and includes their preferred contact information.

We always encourage people to meet locally, at a safe mutual location for the transaction to take place.

42 States Covered, with More In Progress

Current States in the Classifieds Network

We are constantly working to expand the network, building out more state websites and marketing existing sites. Below is a list of states we currently cover.

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